Saturday, August 28, 2010

my blog is bigger than yours.

I hate a lot of things, which is not necessarily limited to the following:

-Whiny bitches
-Stupid people
-Ignorant people
-Ugly people
-Anyone who uses the phrase "happens to be"
-The South
-The majority of American youth
-People who say "ur"
-People who do not have the ABILITY to use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling
-Kids who say they play the guitar, but suck
-People who lack common sense
-People who do not realize that failing a United States Driver's Permit test means you have no reason to get a license, as permit tests are nothing but common sense
-Most people under the age of 18
-Boring people
-People who never have anything interesting to talk about
-Dense people who require the same thing to be explained to them multiple times and STILL don't understand it
-Ungrateful people
-People who pretend to be completely different people depending on their company

And that is just a start.

HEY NOW, I'M NOT ALL NEGATIVITY. Here's a list of things I enjoy rather immensely:

    -Telling people I want to date her mother
    -When people rant about racially-based things, such as cab drivers in New York City
    -Gratuitous sex
    -Violence in excess of what has come to be known as excessive
    -Drug abuse
    -Alcohol dependency
    -Music, the guitar and the piano
    -Shotgunning beers
    -Being so manly it hurts
    -Penile references in everyday conversation
    -People who support abortion up to the age of 25
    -Drop-kicking babies
    -Hurting old people

    Profile information (what you can look forward to)

    -Periodical rants (whatever may be irritating me in the world)
    -Interaction with the aforementioned.
    -And whatever else I have the time to add.

    Due to a 'busy' schedule progress may be slow. But most likely not.

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