Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going Out To Eat is Relative

So I've been wondering for months now why every time I go outside on a Friday, there's a line of cars around the block at every fast food drive-through in a twenty-five mile radius. Weird, right? Well here's the scoop.

Friday is the welfare check disbursement day.

That's right, what better way to treat your family of eight out to a night on the town than piling everyone in your pickup truck, driving down to the local Mac-donalls or Wendy's and ordering everyone a number five? Stay classy, Kentucky.

If anyone asks, I'm Canadian.



  1. "Stay classy, Kentucky" lol. If I was on welfare, no way I'd go to McDonalds or any other crap food store.

  2. he he made me really laugh hard. Thanks.

  3. haha, gave me a little chuckle towards the end. good stuff

  4. never thought about that. I just assumed people didn't wanna cook on the weekend

  5. nice post man, i lol'd a little bit.

  6. Wow, that's amazing. And here I was just wasting my resources buying recreational pharmaceuticals. Have you seen that dollar menu????

  7. If I were on welfare, I could probably be on food stamps- which means eating well every day. When I used to be on food stamps, I was having ribeye steaks five times a week minimum.