Monday, September 6, 2010

People are Friendlier Here

Alas, let's take a break from the sardonic humor for a more serious post that means a lot to me.

So last night, I noticed my 3 month old kitten Pika had disappeared. I had opened my door three times for maybe a total of four minutes, and let's just say Pika is the kitten equivalent to Michael Johnson and scurried out in her youthful curiosity while I wasn't looking. So after realizing she wasn't hiding and she had disappeared, I spent the day outside playing the guitar and looking for her. Turns out the lady across the street who always listens to me play had found her last night under her car and had taken care of her, and returned her to me this afternoon.

Everything turned out better than expected! People are friendlier here than in New York for sure.

I lahv her. (:



  1. Awww adorable. Picture literally made me go :3 bahaha. Good thing you got her back though!

  2. Man I want a cat. The fact you named it Pika makes you a pretty cool guy in my book. *high five* your welcome for that comment.

  3. awwwwz sleeping cats are cute.

  4. Grats on the safe return of your cat.